IEEE BioSensors Conference 2023 is a fully in-person conference!

July 30 - August 1, 2023
London, England

About IEEE BioSensors 2023

The inaugural IEEE BioSensors will be held in London, UK, on July 30-August 1, 2023. This event will focus on the latest developments in the area of biosensors. BioSensors 2023 will be a three-day event with one day of tutorials and two days of technical sessions.

Interest Areas

Areas of Interest

  • Biosensor modalities (electrochemical, optical, MEMs)

  • DNA chips and nucleic acid sensors

  • Synthetic receptors for biosensors (aptamers, etc)

  • Wearable and implantable biosensor systems

  • Biosensor manufacturing and materials

  • Lab-on-a-chip technologies, Microfluidics and immobilization technology

  • Biosensor instrumentation and systems

  • Immunosensors

  • Enzyme-based biosensors

  • Environmental biosensors

  • Algorithms, modeling, and machine learning for biosensors

  • Biosensors for detection of chemical and biological warfare agents

Mark Your Calendars

Key Dates

  1. 2023-01-01

    Tutorial Proposal Submission Deadline

  2. 2023-01-01

    Paper Submission Opens

  3. 2023-03-20

    Extended Paper Submission Deadline

  4. 2023-05-06

    Notification of Acceptance

  5. 2023-05-22

    Late Breaking News Submission Deadline

  6. 2023-05-22

    Final Submission

  7. 2023-05-31

    Late Breaking News Acceptance Notification