Plenary Speakers

  • Wearable Electrochemical Sensors: Towards Labs on the Skin and Under the Skin

    Wearable sensors have received a major recent attention owing to their considerable promise for monitoring the wearer’s health and wellness [1-3]. This presentation will discuss our recent efforts towards developing wearable bioelectronic systems, capturing non-invasively molecular information, for obtaining comprehensive information about the wearer health, nutrition and wellness. Particular attention will wearable electrochemical sensors integrated directly on the epidermis or under the skin for continuous monitoring of sweat and ISF, and to multimodal devices fusing the monitoring of chemical and physical parameters on a single epidermal patch. The preparation, characterization and applications of such skin-worn bioelectronic platforms will be described, along with related energy and integration advances, and future prospects and challenges.

  • Microphysiological Systems with Integrated Biosensors

    Recent technological advances in microfabrication techniques and the development of new biological model systems have enabled the realization of microphysiological systems capable of recapitulating aspects of human physiology in vitro with great fidelity. Using microfluidic, microtechnological and microsensor structures and representative in vitro models of human organs, robust microphysiological systems can be developed that accommodate high-resolution microscopy and integrated biosensor readouts. Combination of multiple organs and integrated sensor modalities in different specific applications will be presented.